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    Journalism under Fire 



Wesley Lowery


  • Wesley Lowery (CBS News, 60 Minutes), Astead Herndon (The New York Times) on Covering Social Crisis

         5:30pm - 6:30pm MST

  • Jack Ohman (The Sacramento Bee) and Matt Wuerker (Politico) on

        Satirizing Crisis, Part One

       6:30pm - 7:30pm MST

Matt Wuerker.jpeg

Matt Wuerker

In this double-header event, we'll feature two separate panels. In the first, we'll hear from leading journalists Wesley Lowery and Astead Herndon in a dialogue reflecting on the past, present and future of our multi-layered social crises. Then we'll hear from Pulitzer-winning political cartoonists Jack Ohman and Matt Wuerker, illustrating how their work has satirized crisis, and the incredible importance of satire in reporting current events.

Their cartoons we showed during the session are below!!

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