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    Journalism under Fire 


Headshot Walsh 2020.jpg

Lauren Walsh


  • Lauren Walsh (NYU) on

         Photographing Social Crisis Today

         5:30pm - 6:30pm MST

         Student - Margo P., Ask Academy

  • Laura Paskus (New Mexico PBS) on

        Covering Climate Change from the 'Heart of Darkness'

       6:30pm - 7:30pm MST

Laura Paskus.jpg

Laura Paskus

In this special set of visual sessions, Lauren Walsh will first show some of her findings on crisis photography. What’s the point of crisis photography? Why look at these images - and what does it mean when we do so? What is crisis/conflict photography? Using COVID-19 and #BLM as case studies, Lauren will walk us through the ethics of photojournalism. Her new book is Conversations on Conflict Photography.

Following this, Laura Paskus will show us how New Mexico has long experienced the impacts of climate change -- from the dry Rio Grande to conifers dying off in mountain ranges across the state to drought, insect infestations, and severe wildfire. Covering the changes as a reporter can be heartbreaking, and yet also provide the impetus to report from a place of deep love for place and community. Her new book: At the Precipice: New Mexico's Changing Climate.

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