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A paragraph of text explaining the various community education programs and opportunities CIR offers to high school and college students in New Mexico and the unique opportunity to engage intellectually in our communities and welcome global perspectives.


Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a temporary pause of in-person programming until further notice. However, CIR is providing virtual programming you can access here.

To be of service and relevance to the Santa Fe community, CIR regularly hosts panel discussions, presentations, dialogues, and luncheons on pressing issues. We also regularly have dinners, photo presentations, and film screenings to help us better understand the world and its cultures.

Our speaker program is one of our flagship programs. We bring to the CIR stage former ambassadors, journalists, academics, students, photographers, and activists – all of whom help advance our understandings of how to be a responsible global citizen.


Highlights from 2018 included:

  • Energy’s Global Future. This included three different talks on the future of energy – the first with Dr. Sig Hecker; the second with Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Jeff Bingaman, and PNM’s CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn; and the third featured Secretary Ken Salazar and Doug Howe in a conversation moderated by Denise Fort.

  • The Future of the Koreas.

  • Journalism and Islam with Prof. Janet Steele

  • Sovereignty Wars with Stewart Patrick

  • Emile Nakhleh with a Middle East Update


Highlights from 2017 included:

  • Braden Allenby on the Future of War

  • Prof. Martha Crenshaw on Terrorism and ISIS

  • Soner Cagaptay on The New Sultan: President Erdogan

  • Amb. Vicki Huddleston offering a Special Briefing on Cuba [sonic attacks]

  • Dr. Manuel Montoya on the Enchantment Economy

  • Liz Fanning on AFRICORPS

  • Bill Stewart on the Changing World Order

  • Molly Williamson on the Changing Global Energy Economy

  • Howard French

  • Sig Hecker/Valerie Plame on Nuclear North Korea and Lessons for the Iran Deal

  • Salam al-Marayati on Islam in the Time of Trump

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